Jesus the reason for the season

As Christmas is quickly approaching I’ve been thinking alot about this season and what it truly means to me and my family. For us Christmas is about celebrating Jesus’s birth. I’ve been thinking about traditions and what we do to celebrate.
My son is under 2 years old and so there are some things we haven’t started yet that we plan on doing with him. I’ve recently found some awesome advent books and banners online to help us teach our kids about Christmas. This is something I would like to incorporate as he gets a bit older.
We start our Christmas morning by reading the Christmas story together. I love this. It is a good reminder for me starting the day with Gods word. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE decorations and baking and cheesy Christmas movies and all the other things we associate with Christmas. I enjoy giving and am very excited to watch my son open his gifts Christmas morning. But I also want him to know why we celebrate and what Christmas is really about. I’ve been thinking a lot about gifts and giving lately. I’ve seen on Pinterest and from friends a few different ways they purchase gifts. I think this is helpful because there’s very little most children really need especially toy wise these days atleast that holds true for my own. And I don’t want to teach him that Christmas is all about stuff.
One suggestion I was given was a gift for each category “something they want something they need something to wear and something to read.” I like this because it gives structure and limitations to the gifts …keeping me from going hog wild! Haha Another idea that I recently heard was giving based on the gifts the wisemen brought to Jesus. Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. Gold they used to represent a gift of value or something important to the child. I may get the next two confused. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Frankincense they used to represent the body so they give a gift of clothing or that type of need and lastly Myrrh was used to represent spiritual growth. Which could be things like a bible, devotional book, music. It all varies depending on the age and stage of our children of course. I thought this was a neat idea. I was convicted this past week as I went to a woman of faith event. There’s all this focus on gifts and giving,What about Jesus what about my heart? He is the Birthday boy after all and desires to have all of our heart. What is Jesus asking you to give him this year? Your finances? Your Stress? Your Time? Your Parenting? I encourage you to set aside some Time in prayer and ask him.
I would also love to hear how you celebrate. How do you use this season to teach your kids and remind your own heart about advent and the miracle of Christmas? Robin


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