encouragement & instagram

I really like social media.
There are of course pitfalls and it isn’t always beneficial but I think when we are conscious of our use of it, and use it well it can be really great.
Like many things, moderation is the key.

It connects us to friends and family, especially those who aren’t close by.
It can be used to encourage and build up others. To share information.
There are many great uses for social media.

There are a few bloggers that I follow on Instagram who often post photos with a blurb or thought about something that has been on their mind. It’s a short snip-it that isn’t long enough to be a blog post in and of itself, but on Instagram it really serves to encourage and challenge others. I thought I would share a few of the women & posts that have really spoken to me in the last few weeks, challenged me, and encouraged me. I hope they’ll do the same for you 🙂

{if you click the image you should be able to read the text more clearly}

IMG_5668 IMG_5670 IMG_5785

IMG_5795 IMG_5819

Do you follow bloggers on Instagram as a source of encouragement?


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