home-made christmas gifts

Hi everyone,

I was remembering back to last year and the fun I had in making most of our Christmas presents for family, so I thought I’d re-share the post I did back then to help give you a few ideas for presents this year. They were all super easy and everyone seemed to love them! Happy Christmas prepping!




P.S. There were a couple things I neglected to mention in that post. 1. I also used salt dough ornaments as gift tags. (There are tons of recipes on pinterest if you’re interested.) 2. I designed, printed and framed custom prints with songs and verses. I use picmonkey, but there are a number of editing programs available. You can also leave a comment if you need any tips on anything I did. 🙂

2 thoughts on “home-made christmas gifts

  1. Hi Christie!
    What was your process with the salt dough ornaments? Did you paint/sharpie first, or after they were baked?
    I just tried to make some last night, but they cracked and turned brown (burnt?) even though I followed the baking directions.

    We are going for a “homemade Christmas” this year and are really enjoying the process 🙂

    1. Hey!
      I used sharpie after they were baked and cool. It seemed to work well. Hmm sorry about yours burning :(. I wish I could remember which recipe I used but I do know that robin made a post on our blog about her salt dough ornaments so you could try that one?
      Have fun doing the homemade thing! I loved it!

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