Sacred Pathways

I’m currently in a small group that’s studying the book “Sacred Pathways” by Gary Thomas and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. The premise of the book is to “discover your soul’s path to God”. In other words, it examines and helps you understand how you love God most naturally. There’s a test you can take and then explanations, as well as common temptations of the different pathways. The nine that he outlines are:
1. Naturalist – loving God outdoors
2. Sensate – loving God with the senses
3. Traditionalist – loving God through ritual and symbol
4. Ascetic – loving God in solitude and simplicity
5. Activist – loving God through confrontation
6. Caregiver – loving God by loving others
7. Enthusiast – loving God with mystery and celebration
8. Contemplative – loving God through adoration
9. Intellectual – loving God with the mind

I scored highest in ‘enthusiast’ which made sense to me because I often feel closest to the Lord when I’m singing or expressing my love for him through percussion or movement.
However I also have a deep appreciation for all of these pathways and feel convicted that even though I may feel most comfortable in one area, I should regularly challenge myself to try the other forms of loving the Lord.
So, as you can tell, I highly recommend this book and want to challenge you to think through the ways in which you might want to dig deeper in your relationship with God and experience His amazing love in a fresh way!
This could be a helpful tool in the process, alongside your Bible of course 🙂


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