indoor toddler activities

I thought I would share a couple activities that have been favourites with our daughter, Gabby, lately. These are perfect rainy day (soon snow day!) activities and are also great when you need your toddler to be independent and busy for a little while. These activities don’t require you to spend a lot or money, you don’t need a lot of space and very minimal prep (just having supplies on hand).

The first two are very similar. All you need is stickers and paper.
Gabby could literally play happily with stickers for 30-60 minutes. Easily.

Peeling stickers is great for helping develop fine motor skills. We have two types in our craft cart. The dollarstore (and other craft places) sell foam stickers. These are a little bigger than your average sticker and come in different shapes, letters and numbers. We currently have the alphabet/number ones, so while she peels and sticks the stickers she’s also practicing recognizing letters. photo 1

I’ve found these stickers also withstand being peeled and re-stuck quite a few times over. The backing can sometimes be a little difficult to peel at first, so sometimes I get the peeling started, but let her do the rest.

We also stock up on regular stickers whenever I find them on sale or at a good price. When I was a kid I had sticker books and remember spending lots of time moving, organizing and playing with stickers in them. I haven’t been able to find them recently, so I took an old dollarstore photo album we had lying around and gave it to our girl to put her stickers in.

 photo 4 photo 3

Another favourite around here has been painting. Gabby isn’t a huge fan of getting her hands dirty so finger paints and thicker style paints haven’t been her favourite. I have an inexpensive watercolour palate that I purchased awhile ago at our art store, and that has been great. I’ll be honest she spends a lot more time painting the palate and just putting paint on her brushes than actually painting, but she’s having fun, and the palate is really easy to clean off.

photo 2These are the same paints I use when I feel like painting, so if she’s mixed up the paint (like the blue splotch you can see on the pink), I just run the palate under some water and clean off the tops of the paint with a brush. You could also just use a damp paper towel to wipe each colour clean. I don’t generally clean off the paints unless I’m going to use them. She doesn’t mind, and the “mixing” doesn’t ruin the overall colour of the paint.

Our paper is Ikea’s drawing paper roll, I like that the paper covers her table and can be cut to whatever size she needs. The roll has lasted us a while so it’s also a great price & value.

These are just some of the indoor activities we’ve enjoyed lately. What are some things your toddler likes to do?


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