toddler scribble table


TheBoy, my delightful toddler, loves his ABCs. Without fail, he recites them every night just as he’s about to fall asleep. Whenever he’s given a piece of paper and a marker, you can bet the first thing he will write out is his alphabet.


Just like any toddler, I assume, TheBoy has a hard time keeping his marker on an 8×11 piece of paper. That’s why my husband decided to make him a scribble table. One he could write on without fear of running off the page or marking up the table.


We initially purchased a white side table from IKEA ($10) to use in our family room. Instead, the small size suited TheBoy’s toy room better so that’s where it ended up. We had also previously purchased IKEA children’s chairs so they fit the table perfectly.


We covered the table with blank 8×11 papers (any paper will work – lined, graphed, even plain craft paper) and taped them down with painters tape for easy removal. Voila! That’s it! A super easy, yet very functional, table for TheBoy to scribble on.

Do you have a “scribble table” (or something similar) in your home?

Have a good day!


4 thoughts on “toddler scribble table

  1. We have something very similar! We have a wooden toddler-sized table and chairs that my mom got at a garage sale and we have an end roll of newsprint from the newspaper office. My husband got the idea one day to use painter’s tape and roll out some newsprint on the table. Works a charm!

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