almost that time of year

The Bug was born in December. So as the leaves start to change colour and the weather gets nippy, I always start to get a bit sentimental. This year my baby girl will be 3.


She knows her entire alphabet.

She can count to 20 in two different languages.

She is starting to sound out words.

She knows more shapes than I do.

She is the best big sister ever.

She has favourite foods, numbers, colours and animals.

She can work my iPhone better than most adults.


My tiny baby girl is not a baby anymore. When did that happen? What’s next? First sleepovers? First fight with a friend? First heartbreak? Her daddy walking her down the isle?

My goodness how time flies. I’m reminded of this blog post I made 2 years ago. Nothing has changed! Enjoy reading it, and thanks for listening to me blabber.


God Bless

xo Amanda


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