hannah margaret

Today officially marks one month with Hannah Margaret. I seriously cannot believe how quickly this month has flown bye!

It didn’t take long in the hospital for her to find her thumb!

Hannah was born 10 days late on Monday, July 1st at 12:51pm after a very long 36 hour labour. Unfortunately, I had to be induced because of how late she was. I’m guessing that she will become a very stubborn little girl as she was not ready to leave her cozy little home and was determined not to budge! During the labour our OBGYN became nervous as her heart rate was spiking each time I pushed. Matt and I didn’t realize until after, but several codes were called and we had the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and a couple of pediatricians in the room with us for precaution. She had to be assisted by vacuum and arrived after about 20 minutes of pushing. Praise be to God that all turned out well and we were blessed with a healthy 8 pound 6 ounce baby girl. I was shocked when Matt told me she was a girl! I was completely convinced we were going to have a little boy and just kept asking over and over if it was a girl. We are so grateful for our little Hannah and already can’t imagine life without her. Looking back on the whole process I couldn’t imagine going through everything without my husband by my side! He was such a huge support and encouragement to me through the many times I felt that I couldn’t do it any longer. My mom was also with us and was so supportive to both Matt and I through her calm and peaceful presence. I can’t imagine doing that on my own and am so grateful that I have been blessed with such supportive people in my life.


Many people have been asking us “Why the name Hannah Margaret”? We actually had Hannah picked out for over a year and knew that if we were blessed with a little girl she would have to be named Hannah. Through the last year we have had various moments where we learned over and over how much we need God’s grace in our lives and that it is truly by His grace that we would ever be able to have children. We fell in love with the name not only because of its meaning but because of the story of Hannah found in 1 Samuel 1-2. Hannah is one of my favourite women in the bible. I love her persistence in prayer and her unwavering faith through heartache and tribulation. Hannah is someone we want our daughter to be, a woman who is passionate about their faith, gracious towards their enemies,loves the Lord and is a prayer warrior. We chose the middle name Margaret to honour Matthew’s Nana. She has been a very influential person in both of our lives and is another wonderful example of a godly woman that our daughter can look up to.

DSC_0240 (2)
Our little Canada day baby!

We have so many things to be grateful for in this last month: a safe delivery for both Hannah and I, incredibly supportive and generous family and friends, time for both Matt and I to get to know our little one together, and most importantly our heavenly father who has been watching out and caring for us through it all. We are looking forward to what the years ahead have in store for our Hannah and are enjoying each and every day of life with her.

Our little family of three


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