mirror turned chalkboard

I love decorating, and if there’s anything I love more than decorating its decorating with thrifted finds! I love turning nothing into something!
I’ve been on the look out since we moved for a chalkboard in the play room! More for decoration for me to write verses, words on then for my son to use. If you wanted it for your kids To use you most likely wouldn’t want a mirror as it is breakable. I have mounted this one out of toddler reach. I looked at thrift stores and garage sales for something that would work and couldn’t find anything!
A few weeks ago I came across this old mirror- was in my dads garage about to hit the dump.. (I know no way!) lol don’t worry I saved its life and gave it a good home! Haha!
Super easy and super fun! You can make any mirror or picture frame a chalk board by painting it with chalkboard paint! The chalk board paint isn’t all that cheap but can be used for several projects! The tub I bought at home depot was around $25.
Remove any hardware
Roughly sand frame
Paint frame first then mirror
( I painted the mirror first and then covered the edges in painters tape and it pulled off the paint, try painting the mirror last.)
Find the perfect spot to hang your new chalkboard
I added a little bunting I already had for a little fun!

This project was super cheap as I had the paint already and found the frame for free- if you don’t have a frame on hand you can salvage all types of frames at thrift stores for super cheap! The old ones have cool texture on the edges and look great painted!

I used hanging wire to hang the frame. I believe I used wire that held up to 10lbs because the mirror is super heavy!
Happy crafting!





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