the craft bug

Last night the craft bug hit my house for a little while. That hadn’t happened in a long time, so I embraced it and stayed up until midnight making fun creations. The craft I really wanted to accomplish was a birthday shirt for my daughter. (I can’t believe that she’s turning one in July!) I’m hoping to send out invitations for her party soon and I wanted a cute little onesie for her to wear in the picture but didn’t want to spend oodles of money. So, here’s what I made in less than an hour for under $5.


It actually came together so quickly (cut letters out of felt, hand stitched them onto a plain onesie and then stitched on a button) that I wanted to keep crafting in some way, so I made a card too. You might remember my post on cards a while back. It was nice to get back to that feeling if only briefly.

Anyhoo, nothing insane, but just thought I’d share.
Blessings, Christie

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