best ever pancakes

So I literally just made these a half hour ago but couldn’t wait to get on here and share this brilliant idea.I love pancakes but can’t stand making them. So they’re a rare treat in our house (unless Mr C is cooking!).

photo 3 (8)


What you’ll need:

  • your favorite pancake mix
  • fresh or frozen fruit (or your choice of toppings)

Yeah….that’s it. It’s not one of those recipes where I literally tell you the best ever pancake recipe. Sorry. The “best ever” part of this post is how you cook them! Tah Dah!

photo 2 (11)


Pancake Muffins! Fill your muffin pan up 1/2 way (not as full as shown above or they’ll overflow – oops!). Bake at 350* for 12ish minutes.

Again, these are so good and they’re SO easy to make. I’ll never eat a flat pancake again. For reals.

photo 5 (2)



xo Amanda

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