valentine’s day is coming…

So Christmas decor is gone (ok honestly I still have a few things to pack away, but I figure the rest of you are on the ball right?) and the stores are prepped and ready for your Valentine’s purchases. Unless…you want to save yourself some money and make some cute gifts instead!

We did mostly homemade gifts for Christmas and since some of them were for my sisters-in-law (Leah and Jordan) I couldn’t very well post them on this blog and spoil the surprise. 🙂 However, now they have their gifts and I can share these ideas with all of you!

homemade gift stash

1. Heart-shaped hand warmers.

hand warmers

This was probably my favourite present to make. They’re felt hand-warmers which can be put in the microwave to heat up (and they smell pretty!).

I used this tutorial – but made a few adjustments.

What I used:




peppermint essential oil


darning needle

It takes quite a while, but they are so cute when they’re done! Oh and you could also leave out the rice and just make them smellies for your drawers.

nice smelling heart for your clothes

2. Fudge


Always a big hit! Plus, this is the simplest recipe I’ve ever found! (I’ve done the complicated process involving soft ball testing or whatever it’s called and believe me, save yourself the trouble!)

We mixed it up by doing one batch with mint chocolate chips, another batch with peanuts crushed up and another with crushed candy canes. So diverse!

Cut them up, put in a mason jar or paper bag with cute label and you’re done!

3. Personalized mugs

mugs <3

Draw or write with sharpies on porcelain mug and bake at 350F for 30 min.

4. Birdseed ornaments

birdseed ornaments

My nana loves watching birds, so these were for her to hang on the tree outside her window. You could do heart-shaped ones for Valentine’s Day.

Recipe and instructions here:

I also did prints in frames (my small business) and bath salts and bath bombs (which Amanda has already done some great posts on!)

Hope this gives you some ideas for little things you could do for your loved ones on Valentine’s or any day of the year.

Love, Christie

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