a year of new beginnings

This is quite delayed but Happy New Year to you all! I have been MIA for quite sometime now…lots of things have been happening in our family these last few months! Matt and I are extremely excited for a year of new beginnings. We are expecting the arrival of our first child in June 2013! To say that our minds have been consumed with all things baby the last few months would be an understatement 🙂

Little baby Murray will be joining us June 2013
Little baby Murray will be joining us June 2013

We are addicted to our pregnancy apps on our iPad and are constantly reading articles on Baby Center and What to Expect. I’ve also been texting my lovely sister-in-law Christie quite often with a million questions about pregnancy, baby care, and baby products (thanks Christie!!) This week we have our first ultrasound and are beyond excited to see our little baby for the first time! I’ve had the blessing of hearing the baby’s heart beat in a doctors appointment about a month ago but I’m even more eager to see the little one 🙂

Christmas/New Years was a whirlwind of events for us. This year was our year on the rotation for Christmas with my family which was extra-special for us as it was my Dad’s 50th birthday Christmas day. We also had a lot of extended family down so it was great to see all of them again. We had our Christmas with Matt’s family on boxing day where we all gave home made gifts! I had the (not so brilliant) idea to make matching pjs for the whole family. Well needless to say my procrastination kicked in and was swamped with sewing projects from our church Christmas play so I didn’t have the chance to make them until the week of Christmas. Matt was a good sport and stayed up late with me while I sewed like a mad lady. They all turned out great and they were a lot of fun to make for everyone. The pjs took about 40 min. to make for each person which wasn’t too bad but next time I’ll be starting the project a whole lot earlier !!

All of us in our matching pjs
All of us in our matching pjs

A few days short days after the Christmas festivities ended one of my little sisters got married. It was a beautiful ceremony at Jarvis St Baptist Church downtown Toronto followed by a reception at the St. Lawrence Hall also downtown. My sister had a beautiful lace gown that went perfectly with her vintage inspired wedding. All of the bridesmaids wore mint vintage inspired dresses, all different but the same colour hue. The groom’s family is from Scottland so all the boys wore kilts. If you ask me they definitely stole the lime light from us bridesmaids. We couldn’t have asked for better weather! There was light snow during the pictures and then the rest of the day was pretty clear. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been on the photographer’s website several times a day checking to see if they have posted the pictures yet! The ceremony went smooth…until I passed out right smack dab in the middle of it! That’s never happened to me before, but pregnancy has brought a long list of lovely things that have never happened to me before 🙂 It was over in a second and the rest of the ceremony was perfect! The reception and speeches were beautiful. I can honestly say I’ve never cried so much before! My dad is know for his killer father of the bride speeches and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the building after he spoke.

My sister Justine and brother-in-law Scott
My sister Justine and brother-in-law Scott

We finished up the week with a family get together at Matt’s Uncle’s home in Collingwood. It was great to spend time with his extended family and we all rang in the new year watching the fireworks at Blue Mountain. Now that the business has ended for us I’m eager to start crafting again! I was given some how to books on quilting and crocheting so I’m excited to share some of my projects with you soon! I also have a loooonnnggg list of pinterest sewing projects to make for our baby so keep an eye out for those!

I hope you enjoyed your festivities as much as we have and look forward to crafting with you this year!



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