the perfect side dish

I love the holidays and everything that comes along with it (with the exception of wrapping gifts, I hate that). Holiday food is one of the best parts! Gathering together to celebrate and eat amazing food – what’s not to love? Well pot lucks seem to be abound this year and there’s one thing I really dislike bringing. A hot veggie. I never know what to make! Well I made this recently and it was a HUGE hit! And the best part it was soooooo easy.

What you’ll need:
• green beans, washed
•minced dried or fresh onions
• slivered almonds
• spice of your choice (I used roasted garlic an peppers)

Before cooking, wash green beans and soak in cold cold water for a few minutes. This will help to keep them crunchy. Meanwhile, in a large pot or pan melt butter and throw in almonds, onions and spice. Let it sizzle until its nice and tasty smelling. The amount you will need will depend on how many green beans you are making.

Throw in the green beans and toss until they are coated in the butter mixture. Cover and let sit on medium heat until cooked but not soggy, tossing well every few minutes. For the amount I cooked it took about 15 minutes.
Pack them up in a nice dish with an air tight seal and bring to your party! Enjoy!

xo Amanda

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