Salt dough Christmas ornaments

I was trying to decide what easy but cute Christmas ornament I could make with Noah this year. Keep in mind he’s 7months old.. Really for my sheer enjoyment and that of those we gift too!
So I decided to go with the tried and true salt dough ornaments. ( they are super easy to make.. Just sounds like a lot of steps.. I’m long winded!)

What you will need:
1 cup salt
1cup flour ( add a little extra until dough is less sticky and easy to roll)
1/2 cup of water

Mix ingredients together in a bowl, roll out using a rolling pin. Cut desired shape, you can use shaped cookie cutters for added flair, I used a drinking
Cup for a classic circle. If your making them with handprints and footprints they need to be pretty big. As you can see the ones I did of his footprint are mostly his toes, his heel wouldn’t fit and well I was working with a squirmy baby who wanted to play… ! Lol once you have the desired shapes you can add handprints and or take a tooth pick and and decorative designs or the name and date of the child. ( I thought of this after they were already in the oven!) Be sure to poke a hole using a straw or something that can go all the way through to hang with later on.

Bake in the oven on 200*f for 2+ hours. The recipe I used said 2 hours but they were in there over 3 to really dry out. It’s definitely a project for when your home all day.
Let cool.
If you desire to decorate them you will need paint, glitter, ribbon ECt..
After painting all of them I kind of wished I left one plain, they look cool natural too i found the handprint to be less prominent once painted.
Decorate, let dry, string with your favorite colored ribbon and enjoy!
I wrote his name, the year and a greeting on the back with a Sharpie marker.
Great for memories on your own Christmas tree as well as gifting to friends and family.

What ornaments or decorations do you enjoy making with or for your kids this season?





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