Diaper Review: fluffEh Diapers

There’s a new diaper on the fluff market and everyone I know has been eagerly awaiting to own one. This diaper hails from Canadaland and is appropriately named fluffEh Diapers. Last week I got my very first fluffEh dipe. I wanted to give it a fair try before reviewing it here. Right off the bat, I noticed the design was beautiful. Well structured and sewn with high quality materials. Clearly there was a lot of time and love put into this diaper.

As soon as I put it on The Bug I was impressed with the way it fit. As you can see, I have a skinny and long little girl and getting diapers that fit her is often difficult. All fluffEh diapers are made in a OS (one size) format so that they grow with baby from birth to potty training. Pictured on The Bug is a pocket diaper, but fluffEh also sells AIO and AI2 diapers, along with diaper covers for those that use prefolds or fitteds (or just want a super cute waterproof cover for disposable diapers). For more information on what types of diapers they have click here.

Another great selling point for fluffEh, is the insert that came with the diaper. The liner is hemp/tencel fleece that is sandwiched between bamboo fleece, and comes with a PUL layer near the top. Gone are the days of having to reach in to your wet diaper to take out a wet liner. The PUL inch allows for a grabbing space that stays dry! Score! Also, so cute. And we all know that’s the real reason we’re digging it.

Inside of Pocket Diaper

So far we have had no leak problems with our diaper and it washes great! I cannot wait to buy more next time she re-stocks her store! So check it out!


xo Amanda



If you have a curiosity to learn more about cloth diapers, please check out our post here! It has everything you’ve ever wanted to know 😉

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