I Did My Nails Yesterday!

As a mother, there are certain things that I loved doing that I’ve had to sacrifice since my daughter was born. Having pretty nails was one of them. Gone are the days of weekly mani/pedis and having the time for touch ups. Including yesterday, the grand total of times that I’ve managed to do my nails is 2. So I’m quite proud of them!

Here we have a base coat of Sephora by OPI’s caught with my khakis down, followed by a matte top coat from the same line. On my ring finger is a top coat of Essie’s Luxe Effect (which I’m quite in love with).
It’s nothing special considering all over Pinterest are pictures of perfectly done nails with designs that must take hours to do. But really, who has time for that?

Here’s another picture, just because.
ooooohhhh aaaaahhhh
Don’t feel bad that your nails aren’t as nice as mine, as of today they’re already chipped and coated in milk, mystery goo and markers.

xo Amanda

What sorts of things have you sacrificed once becoming a parent?

One thought on “I Did My Nails Yesterday!

  1. Haircuts! I’ve savlcrificed hair cuts. I don’t have any sitter to take Westin while I go, during the evening. And the last time I went with him was a disaster. I had to nurse under the cloak. The hair dresser was not impressed. I didn’t care, but it hard to maneuver a child while someone has scissors by your ear! So, sacrifice it is!

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