A Little Piece of Life

Well here I am at 10 weeks pregnant and it would seem my morning (aka all day, all night) sickness is finally starting to wear off. I’ve been feeling guilty because I’ve been so tired and sick for about a month now and poor Bug has had to entertain herself all day long. Her attitude has been foul and my sweet angel toddler has gone on the naughty list.
Yesterday the Mr and I went and picked her up a few new toys and so far she seems to be loving them. A highlight of the toys was her new baby doll that she just can’t get enough of!

She just loves wheeling around her baby.

Notice how she’s making the sucking noises?

I’m hopeful that by giving her the doll it will somehow magically prepare her for not being the only child in the house. And I’m choosing not to be alarmed at how she threw her baby down the stairs this morning. I’m sure it was an accident… Right?

How did you prepare your older children for the arrival of a new baby?

Xo Amanda

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