You Know You’re A Parent To A Newborn When…

Since I had so much fun with my toddler post a while back, I thought I’d do one for my baby too. My daughter is now two months old! Wow, that went by quickly! But since she’s still considered a newborn (until 3 months I believe) here are my thoughts.

You know you’re a parent to a newborn when:
-your voice has somehow transformed into a high pitched clown on steroids
-you realize that awful smell is in fact you(sour milk, spit up, poo…take your pick)
-you can’t stand still…you’re constantly swaying
-you discover spit up in the most unusual places
-you find yourself pushing a shopping cart back and forth, back and forth, even if the baby’s not with you.
-you study a chest rising and falling, to make sure your baby’s still breathing alright
-you feel like your life consists of feedings, diapers and changes of clothes (and yet you can’t remember when you last ate or changed your own clothes)
-you calculate daily totals of bowel movements
-the first real smile changes you forever
-you consider 4 consecutive hours of sleep a miracle (ok, truth be told…Charis sleeps even better than that for me but she’s not a regular newborn)

-you can’t imagine your life being half as fulfilling if they weren’t part of it.

Please feel free to add some of your own ‘parent to a newborn’ indicators to the list! ~Christie~



Special thanks to Allicia for the pics

7 thoughts on “You Know You’re A Parent To A Newborn When…

  1. You know you’re parent of a newborn when the word “poopy” is an acceptable word in every conversation you have with everyone in a day! My little (only) one is 2 months too! And my name is Kristi…this just got weird!

  2. …you wash dishes looking like a flamingo standing on one foot so the other can rock the carseat long enough to finish up all the pots and pans
    …you hum everywhere
    …laundry seems to pile up quicker and in various places around the house

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