You Know You’re A Parent To A Toddler When…

You know you’re a parent to a toddler when:
-you hear “mommy” at least 100 times a day
-your mirrors, glass doors and windows have little hand prints all over them
-you find your credit card in the shower
-you have an audience while trying to use the bathroom
-you chase after a grasshopper as a form of entertainment
-cleaning their hands is a mission and you are 007
-you find trains under your pillow
-you scheme ways to include vegetables into their diet
-you find food splattered on the wall and floor and ceiling and you
-you step on toys in the night and secretly love it
-you wear makeup or put on a dress and they ooh and ahh. (Or don’t recognize you!)
-you are cheered for when you give them food or sit down when they tell you to or pee
-you find yourself getting excited about little things.
-you witness heart melting moments almost every hour of the day
-you can’t remember the last time you showered
-you’ve memorized the tune or lyrics to every musical toy they own
-you cherish the times you get to eat hot food or even just eat
-you’ll act like a fool to hear their giggle
-everything you say is repeated/mimicked
-you thank the Lord constantly for blessing you with such a precious gift

Calling all toddler moms and dads- why don’t you add your thoughts to the list?





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