Joyful Reminders

The next couple months are going to be difficult for me and my husband as he is going to school for 2 months to get his HVAC license and will be unemployed. In times of financial struggles, it’s easy to become lost and worried. However, the bible teaches us that even through difficulties and trials, we are to remain Joyful in God. I wanted something for us to remember this through rough times ahead.

I used an old picture frame that I wasn’t using and painted the glass with chalkboard paint. I wrote the verse with a chalk marker and am going to leave the marker by the frame. Whenever we are feeling stressed during the next 2 months, we will be writing something on this board that makes us joyful. There are a thousand and one blessings in everyone’s life, and we rarely realize them all. I’m hoping that this daily visual reminder of all our blessings will help get us through the stress!

God Bless!

xo Amanda

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