Guest Post: Toddler Play Makeup

Today’s guest post comes from Alyssa over at Reil Family Love. Alyssa is mother to Harlow and has another baby girl on the way. Take it away Alyssa!

Harlow LOVES my makeup. It’s one of her favorite things to play with, and as darling as that is, I use MAC. It is one of the few things that I will occasionally splurge on for myself, and I cringe whenever she finds it. I remember when I was very little, I had play makeup. It was sweet and cute and realistic. Unfortunately, I haven’t found any online or in stores that looked real enough to entice my toddler. After a lot of searching, I found a tutorial online for making toddler makeup and decided to give it a try. I didn’t think to write down the blog name, so I’m sorry to say that I can’t give credit where credit is definitely due. If I happen to find it again I will certainly update this post to include a link to the original tutorial. You should be able to do this project for about $10.

You will need:

  • Real Makeup – I purchased E.L.F. brand from Target because most of the eye shadows, compacts, and brushes are $1 each. I’m sure you could find good deals at dollar stores as well, although I can’t handle those places!
  • Makeup Case – A cute little pouch to hold the play makeup!
  • Craft Foam – The original tutorial suggested sticky-back foam, but I bought regular foam and used hot glue to adhere it.
  • Tools – If you buy regular craft foam, you will need a hot glue gun. You will also need scissors, a pencil, and some sort of small tool to score and scrape the real makeup.

1. Score and scrape the real makeup out of the cases. Wash with mild soap and dry.

2. Press the makeup cases onto the foam to leave an imprint of the size shape you will need to cut.

3. Cut out the shapes, and if easier, trace any duplicate shapes with the pencil and then cut out as well.

4. Firmly press sticky-back foam into the makeup cases, or use a thin layer of hot glue to adhere regular craft foam.

5. Assemble all of the makeup in a cute pouch for your little toddler to enjoy!

I can’t even begin to tell you how much Harlow loves her play makeup! Enjoy!

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