Blue Dawn: The Miracle Soap

Someone asked me why I used Blue Dawn for my Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner, and if another brand would do. It got me thinking about how versatile my Dawn really was.

Here are some interesting tid bits about Blue Dawn that are appreciated and utilized in my house:

  • Blue Dawn is phosphate free. Phosphates carry into waste systems and are hard to break down by ordinary wastewater processing systems. As they carry into streams, lakes and rivers, they increase algae growth and subsequently decrease the oxygen that is needed for healthy aquatic life, and contribute to the pollution of water bodies. Inorganic phosphate consumption has also been shown to increase lung cancer growth in mice. Yikes.
  • Did you know that you can make homemade bubbles? Half a cup of Blue Dawn mixed with a half gallon of water and a tablespoon of liquid glycerin can be used in the place of store bought bubble solution.
  • Aside from making an awesome all purpose cleaner, it can also be mixed with water to repel insects from household plants and ants from inside your home.
  • Because Blue Dawn works so well to cut through grease, use it any time you have a grease issue! From garage tools to greasy hair!
  • Washing your hair once a month with Blue Dawn will also wash out any buildup and reduce the need for expensive salon treatments.
  • Washing your pets with Blue Dawn can kill fleas on the spot and is much cheaper than flea treatment.
  • Pour Blue Dawn into a tightly sealed ziplock bag and freeze. Instant ice pack that can be used over and over.

Is there anything that you use Blue Dawn for that is not listed above? Leave it in a comment below!

xo Amanda


6 thoughts on “Blue Dawn: The Miracle Soap

  1. Dilute dawn with a pint of water, pour into center of pool in a line from a squirt bottle, leaves and debris parts to the side for easy cleaning. Doesn’t add phosphates, doesn’t harm pH levels!

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