Pinspired Magnetic Board

We own a stainless steel fridge, which is unfortunately not magnetic and thereby unable to display my son’s works of art or photos of family and friends unless taped. So, a little while back I saw something on pinterest that looked like a magnetic memo board and I thought to myself, “self, I could probably do that”. And it turns out, I could!

If you would like to try it as well, here are the supplies I used:

-cheap cookie tray from dollarama

-material from ikea

-ribbon leftover from a gift we were given

-button from value village(I bought a whole bag of mismatched ones for super cheap)

-hot glue gun and glue sticks




cut the material to size and glue to inside of cookie sheet
tie ribbon in bow and glue ends to back of cookie sheet
add button
hang from nail (this is on my wall, but will be getting attached to the fridge panel when my husband is home)
add magnets and voila!
another view

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