I find handmade cards charming, enjoy crafting and like to save money. Add those things together and you would come to the same conclusion as me- MAKE ALL YOUR CARDS! I decided that I would not buy a card this year and thankfully I have stuck to that so far…that I can remember (January for some reason is a bit of a blur). Anyhoo, I have a collection of cards that I bought previously that I have used when in a hurry, but otherwise I make cards. I like to use lots of different materials and I find it a rather relaxing activity. I even had a card-making date with my 83 year old nana, (who is amazingly way more dedicated at her card-crafting activities than me).

I will probably add to this list/photo collection over time, but here are just a few I’ve made:

melted crayons and scrabble letter
scrapbook paper, twine, sharpie and button
border, card stock, mini clothes pegs, string and sharpie


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