BBQ Chicken Ranch Pizza Bites

Hello! These were a first time recipe tonight for my family and boy did we gobble them down!

What you will need:

-pizza dough (2 pizzas worth)
-BBQ sauce
-shredded or chopped cooked chicken
-marble cheese
-ranch dressing
-broccoli slaw (a staple in my fridge!)

I made the pizzas into little bite size disks and cooked them until they were lightly done. In a bowl I tossed BBQ sauce, shredded marble cheese, chicken bits and broccoli slaw until well mixed. When the disks were cooked I topped them with the mixture and baked for a few minutes more. Then I drizzled more BBQ sauce and some ranch on top. Insta dinner.
Broccoli slaw is always handy in my house because everyone loves it and it’s an easy way to get extra veggies into my daughter. She calls them fries!


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