Laundry Tips

I love organization and anything that helps make life easier. However I am not naturally good at it and need all the help I can get. Here are 2 tips I’ve found to be helpful!
Now that I have lots of itty bitty baby laundry one of the things I found was that the velcro on the baby bibs would stick to other clothing leaving pilling marks behind. I decided to wash the bibs in a mesh laundry bag to keep that from happening. I also hang it on the inside of the laundry room door and put the bibs directly into the bag rather than the hamper so they’re already separated!

The other tip I have is for new jeans or denim. Before washing new denim with laundry soap turn them inside out and do a load of just them with 1/2cup of salt – no soap. This somehow sets the dyes keeping your jeans brighter longer! After you do a cycle of salt you can wash them again with soap!

(below I included a picture Of the hook I used, they stick on to walls and doors without leaving any marks and can be removed very easily.)

Hope you can make use of these laundry tips!




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