Crockpot chili

Crockpots are marvelous things and I intend to make better use of mine now that I have my hands full with two precious munchkins. So, here’s a recipe for a crockpot chili. I change this dish up every time I make it, but that’s what’s great about chili-it’s versatile! Today’s chili started with ground beef, cut up onions and seasoning(salt, pepper, chili powder).
After that had cooked, I threw in some tomatoes and yellow peppers(I grabbed some discounted ones at the grocery store which were a little soft but perfect for this dish).
*a little known fact about me – I LOVE cutting vegetables. I know, weird!*

Then I added some kidney beans, chickpeas and baked beans in tomato sauce. I stirred it all up, seasoned to taste and let it simmer.


I have been known to add lots of other random things at previous occasions, including pineapple, (honestly delicious) so feel free to experiment and enjoy!



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