How to celebrate an anniversary without spending tons of money

My hubby at his “favourite restaurant”(what he told people afterwards). He asked me to dance after this.

Josiah and I just celebrated our 5th anniversary-wow, half a decade already! So, we wanted to do something special but knew it would be a little harder this year, having a 4 week old in the mix. Siah ordered me a set of beautiful rings from etsy, which I am eagerly awaiting in the mail. He also made me breakfast in bed and creatively put together an awesome “adventure” memory book, with pictures of our engagement, wedding and every anniversary so far. It’s lovely!
I had told him that I was taking care of dinner for the actual day (August 4th), so I started to plan. Realistically I could have just booked a dinner at a restaurant in town and he would have enjoyed it because we just love being together, but I wanted to be a little more creative and hey, being frugal was a nice bonus(I only paid for the groceries)! So I kicked him out of the house in the early evening and recruited my family for assistance with set up, child care, service and even some of the cooking-they are such blessings! This romantic evening was the end result.

Side note: Now I know that not everybody has the kind of backyard they can do this in, but don’t let that stop you! Go set up at a park or find a random field somewhere! Have an adventure!






5 years of love
my awesome brother served us
the meal: steak, goat cheese infused potatoes, corn, roasted red peppers and swiss chard
hydrangeas picked from the garden
we watched the sunset from the top of the hill
he serenaded us with songs from our wedding
pavlova for dessert (delicious and simple! I’ll try to post my recipe soon)
the book Josiah made for me ❤
the note left for him

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