Foaming Soap Refills

Don’t you just love foaming soap? I know I do! However, I don’t like how often we go through a bottle and how much it can cost. Which is why I make my own!

About a year ago, I bought a lifetime supply of liquid glycerin. This can easily be bought at health stores or even Walmart. Liquid glycerin is a soap base that you can add different oils to to create yummy smells or even use on it’s own.

For a foaming soap, you will need to make a mixture of about 3 parts glycerin and 1 part distilled water. For my soap, I add tea tree oil for an anti-bacterial element and lemon essential oil for an odor neutralizer and I keep it in the kitchen (a great soap to have around when you are cooking with fish or garlic or onions!).

Tah Dah! The best part is I’m only using about $0.40 worth of materials to refill it!


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