Pinspired Prayer Journal

Hey all! Leah here…I am so super excited to share my newest craft that was pinspired by pinterest. My new Prayer Journal! If any Christian out there has a terrible memory like mine, this is definitely handy. This helps me in my prayer life to really focus on things that others want me to remember in my prayers for them and things I want to give to the Lord but tend to forget (even though He knows all things and knows my heart, I still like to give things over to Him intentionally).  I hope you all find this as usful as I do!

It’s super easy to make and it cost me under $5!

The tools you will need are

  • Glue gun
  • Dollar store journal
  • Dollar store page dividers
  • Labels
  • Scissors

Since the journal I had bought had 100 pages and I needed 7 tabs to fit (one for each day of the week), I gave each section 14 pages.  I then cut out the tabs from the page dividers I bought at the dollar store (and if you don’t know what kind of dividers I’m referring to above is a picture of them). I cut them round in shape so that I had enough space to put a line of hot clue on them to stick to the paper. I then printed out the days of the week on a label maker I have, but if you don’t have one, writing them out with a marker would work just fine, and then I cut those out and stuck them to the dividers. I then glued the tabs to each section and ‘voila!’, I had my prayer journal! I wanted to make each tab fun and divide each day by a theme or topic I can pray about. Here are the topics I chose since they were the ones I saw on Pinterest and loved the idea, but you can come up with ones on your own:

  1. Maternal Monday (to pray for family, children, parents, husband etc.)
  2. Tomorrow Tuesday (to pray for the future of your family, generations to come)
  3. Wordly Wednesday (to pray for the events that are happening in our world, our leaders and the nations)
  4. Theological Thursday (to pray for our churches, pastors and elders)
  5. Friendly Friday (to pray for friends)
  6. Self-Searching Saurday (to pray for things for you, needs, desires, problems, etc.)
  7. Soul-Filled Sunday (to give praise, thanksgiving and glory to the Lord)

Now, by all means, you can make this any way you wish! And I’m not saying that you shouldn’t pray for these things on a daily basis, but this has helped me be intentional about each area of my life, the world, my church and those around me!

I hope you love this craft as much as I do!

All for Christ’s glory,



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