Homemade All Purpose Cleaner

If one were to look through my closets, there would be a very noticeable lack of cleaning products. Aside from the smell causing endless headaches, I just don’t like them! Therefor what you will find instead is homemade cleaners! I have found that they not only clean as well as store bought cleaners, they also smell much better!

For homemade all purpose cleaner, all you will need is white vinegar, distilled water and a dollop of blue Dawn dish soap. In a recycled spray bottle (I just got mine from the dollar store), squirt in a small amount of Dawn dish soap. Then fill the container half with white vinegar and half with distilled water.

Up until recently I used this solely to scrub down my tub. Because I’m awesome, I decided to test it out on the rest of my house. Boy did I kick myself for not doing this sooner. Here’s a picture I took while scrubbing my oven.  I consider my oven the ultimate test for a cleaner because I always wait way too long in between cleanings. I simply left it on for a few minutes then went to town on it.

I was actually surprised at how easy it came off! We’re talking baked on grime here people! And the best part? I’ts so much better to inhale or touch than a normal cleaner. In my books, this means an all around perfect cleaner!


3 thoughts on “Homemade All Purpose Cleaner

    1. Blue Dawn is preferred because of many reasons. It will actually work better than many other brands as it won’t leave a film behind. It’s free of phosphates and very gentle on human skin so I prefer it to other brands because it’s safe! Blue Dawn has many many uses in our house, I suppose I will have to do a post on it soon!

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